About Me

Leonard JacksonLeonard Jackson was born in Hollywood, CA ready for the big screen.  He started his career with a recurring role on “In the Heat of the Night” and has since starred in several films including: “Love and War II,” “Young Hollywood,” “Snow Job,” “Bug Night,” “The Pact,” “Just Another Day in the Neighborhood,” and “P.O.V: The Camera’s Eye.”  He has made many television appearances on “In the House,” “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction,” and several others.  Mr. Jackson can also be seen performing live stand-up comedy at many LA clubs around and is negotiating several new projects.

Leonard grew up in Los Angeles, the third of five children. As a child, he kept the family laughing at family functions and grew to love the spotlight.  His grandmother, the saintly matriarch known as Mama Lee, encouraged Leonard to utilize his talents and pursue a career in acting as his father started Leonard in acting classes.  He found his calling in these classes and has never lost sight of the sacrifices his parents made for his craft.

In 1987, Leonard moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he finished high school and began college.  While in Georgia, he made his acting debut on the show “In the Heat of the Night.”  In 1996 he moved back to LA and has been a working actor since.  He has a passion to please the crowd and loves performing, whether it is acting, stand-up comedy or hosting.

In the past two months, Leonard has completed shooting many TV commercials so keep your eyes peeled, you’ll be seeing him quite often.  If you miss him, the clips will be posted here so check back on www.leonardjackson.com for the latest.